Voleger is an independent publisher of poetry, comics, and short-form prose. We seek to accept the most exceptional works by emerging and established creatives.

We favor:

Free verse poetry

Prose >1,000 words

Poetry comics

Confessional poetry

Unique forms

We accept:

All Poetry
Prose >2,000 words
Visual art

"Diary" comics


We typically do not accept:

Flowery, ornate, or grandiloquent poetic voices

Poems relating to romantic forms of love

Poems that reference technology and social media


Launched in June of 2021, our goal is to create community and publishing opportunities for creatives who know that "poetry" exists in more places than just within the constraints of a poem. Thank you for joining us in this project!


Here at Voleger we have big plans, but like to play the long game. What that means for you is that accepted work will be e-published on our website catalogue and social media, with plans of print issues if there is enough interest for it at the end of each year.

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As a 100% volunteer-based effort, donations help us continue to find and showcase the amazing artists and poets you see on this site. Donations go towards efforts to make a physical copy magazine a reality!