• Arya Antherjanam V

What do I do with all the mad?

What do I do with all the mad?

Do I sweep it off the carpet or burn the damn city down?

As I traced down the statement of violence,

Footprints of romance whispered a fortune

Schemes of evidence borne out of pockets

Revealed the acute habit of cancelled sparks.

The monstrous motives of a ruined soul

Escaping through window at the set of dawn,

Stamped with the crime of asking questions to vague fears

Ashamed to advance in the quest of peace.

The carpet got edgy with the triggers beneath

The danger, the fury, the shortness of breath,

The stars in lack of a family and the cities in hurry as a firefly

Poured into the rosemary leaves the nectar of

Charms and victories, rotten right by the door.

The mortals gathered around the table

To discuss the dead!

Oh God, please spare me the joke.

"Moerketid" by Vivien Solveig.