• Kaylin Moss

We Are, America

I am, America.

My beauty glows.

I welcome the night, it illuminates my dark radiance.


Convince them of my intelligence.

You bred me for servitude, my servitude bred wisdom.


Exhibit my strength.

Pull the tides with the force of my power.

I learned how to endure hell, and taught my children.


Show them how I shine.

My skin absorbs the sun.

This coily hair, is full, stunning.

Look, at my wide eyes, twinkling.

I know you see me, because you are a broken mirror. You attempt to mimic my beauty.

Injecting lips, darkening skin, widening hips.

Cracks, in the mirror. Puddles, in the reflection.

We are, America.

You, are not u

"Afro-Gold" by Khireddine Khaldoun.