• Dee Meinville

Oligarchs of Hypocrisy

Times are tough for us all, say the billionaires between bites of caviar.

Private jets and fancy cars, never far.

Meanwhile employees are left to choose,

Between gas money and food, hungry stomachs lose.

The elite cast a glance of pity, mouth full of châteaubriand and coq au vin.

The common man is left praying for the eviction ban.

His tire's blown, there goes the week.

He's screwed, can't get the loan he's forced to seek.

He can't afford to live, nevermind buy a suit,

Nothing to wear to an interview, late due to a spotty bus route.

Hungry eyes greet him at home.

Driven to desperation, feeling alone.

Look at the rise in crime, the rich gasp in fear.

All these poor people are lazy criminals, they jeer.