• Dee Meinville


A new trend plagues the nation, and now it's on the rise.

Like most things it's really ancient, born of human greed and lies.

Appearances are deceiving, don't let yourself be fooled.

They have only to push the right button, play your fears and now you're ruled.

Sins are coated in sugar, till their speech is candy sweet.

Beware the poison hidden within the treat.

They count on telling the masses exactly what they want to hear.

Soon they sow division between those who previously were held dear.

Classic divide and conquer, they want people at each other's throat.

It's easier when there's someone to scapegoat.

Could that goat be you?

Now they've got you speaking hate against your neighbor, exactly like they do.

Your language is corrupted, war is peace and hate is love.

Words cease to have any meaning, the pigeon is a dove.

Soon you start believing everything they have you say.

When the target is hated, it's easy to betray.

Once they hold the key to your tongue, your thoughts are not far away.

Watch how your actions follow what you say.

When it's too inconvenient to care for others and we're all divided, they've won power, that's the way.

"Temperance" (from the Sapphic Enchantress Tarot Deck) by Ayshe-Mira Yashin.