Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I submit?

Under our "Submit to us"  tab,  there is a button that will take you to a Google Form link.

Can I submit previously published work?

Please do not send us any work that has previously appeared in print or online by another publisher—however small (we love the fellow little folks and want to respect their effort in snagging your amazing work!)  

However, work that has appeared online as content under your own social media or website is perfectly fine with us here at Voleger.

Can I submit via email?

We prefer that you use our form under our "Submit to us" page. This ensures nothing gets lost. If for some reason the form is not working for you, please email us at to let us know about the difficulty and we will happily accept your submission in an alternate way. 

I submitted, now when do I hear back?

Our goal response time is currently averaging about 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Please feel free to email at any time for updates.

Why did my work not get accepted?

First off, thank you for submitting to us. As creatives ourselves, we know how frustrating the process can be to try to find a home for your work. Our current focus is on accepting work that is vibrant and raw in its poetic tone. As we are a new publisher, we are also being a little picky about our selections right now, as we believe that doing so will help shape our vision for what this space can and should be. We also hope that doing so will help illustrate our expectations for the future.

Please continue to submit if you are not accepted once—it is not a reflection of your talent, but of the particular work's ability to mesh with Voleger's tone.

We also offer an editorial feedback option at the time of submission. For $25, rejected writing submissions will receive a one-time email detailing suggestions for improvement. 

Where is my work going to appear when accepted?

Voleger is a new and exciting venture for us, and we have big plans for the future. However, what we really value is community, so currently our focus is developing and fostering a place for people (assumedly like you, if you're here!) to make Voleger what we think it can be.

We want to exhibit excellent poets and creatives—for now, that will be in the form of e-publishing like many other journals and magazines. Selected work will also appear on our instagram, space permitting.

Are simultaneous submissions allowed?

Yes, simultaneous submissions are no problem.

Tell me about copyright?

You made it, you own it, friend. Like all other literary magazines, we just ask that you acknowledge your prior publication with us if another publisher picks up your work for print. Remember us when you're famous!

Still have questions?